Uv Reactive Bio Mask Rig

Regular price $ 94.50

  • Height: 8" Inches
  • Special Feature: UV Reactive
  • Style: Beaker Base
  • Percolation: Showerhead
  • Joint: 14mm Female Joint (Hanger Banger)
  • Quartz Banger Included

This UV Reactive Bio Mask Rig will react to a range of ultraviolet light, and will appear as in invisible ink or will produce a glow effect, as seen in UV Glow Paint. Instead of a tube, there's an N95 glass bio mask resting on the shoulders of a beaker base. The mouthpiece is located on the head of the mask design and is pronounced enough to provide true comfort when taking your hits. Turn on the black lights and enjoy a different dabbing experience.

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