Santa dabber does - variation: do starter packs
Santa dabber does - variation: do starter packs

"santa Dabber Does" - Variation: Dabber do Starter Packs

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You're gonna want to be ready to dab with Santa when he comes flying down the chimney this year, and what better way to prepare the scene for him than with this specialized Christmas inspired holiday dabbers starter pack!

This pack includes:
1) 1- 6" Christmas Tree Dab Rig w/ Quartz Banger
2) 1- MB01 Blink Torch (in box)
3) 1- Can Butane - (Assorted brand as per stock availability * )
4) 1- Carb Cap - Red, Blue, or Green, w/ Swirly colors *
5) 1- Silicone Stash Container for Concentrates - Barrel shape, 1.5" Tall
6) 1- Metal Poker Tool - (assorted style as per stock availability *)
7) 2- Smokerolla Stickers

Stock Availability Notes:
- Please note these Dabbers Starter Packs are all customized collections of items Smokerolla specially prepares for its customer base. We try to find the coolest stuff that make for the funnest choices, but because these bundles are so unique, some items will always be limited to stock availability.*

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"The Dragon" Variation: for dragon lovers.

* The particular Dab Rig, banger, and Torch PICTURED ABOVE IN THIS LISTING will be sent to you as advertised, but the rest of the items may change from whats shown in the picture, depending on stock availability.