Quad matrix frosted bong

Regular price $ 156.50

  • Height: 11.8" Inches
  • Joint: 14.5mm female
  • Percolation: Quad Matric Perc
  • Material: Premium Borosilicate Glass
  • Included: 18mm Male Slide Bowl

Almost 12 inches in height, the Quad Matrix Water Pipe is a real beauty with top-notch features that will bring out the taste of your favorite herbs! The biggest draw of this fantastic water pipe is its quad matrix percolator that features added filtration for a cooler and smoother hit which also helps you get the best flavor out of your flower. Encasing this percolator is a high-quality glass in a frosted finish that is as amazing as what you smoke out of it. Each Quad Matrix Water Pipe comes with both an 18.8mm female joint as well as an 18.8 male flower bowl for added value.

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