Orange Spiral Lollipop Glass Pipe

  • 3.50" Long
  • 1.75" Diameter Head
  • .75" Diameter Bowl
  • Orange Spiral Lollipop Design
  • Cobalt Blue Bowl
  • Inside Out Glass
  • Carburetor
  • Color Changing
  • Colors May Vary
All of our glass is handmade, and slight variations in color, size, weight, etc. may occur.
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    • So this might sound crazy, but how do you use glass pipes? Never used one and I want to stop using rillos. Haha thanks

      First thing you'll want to do is fill the bowl with product, you then want to cover the carburator (a tiny hole) typically located on the left side of your bowl. Once you have that covered, light your herb with your choice of flame. You'll want to release your finger off of the carburator after you have set your herb on fire. Repeat.