Mini pokemon dab rig

Mini pokemon dab rig

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Pokémon-themed complete dab set, cool, percolated hits

Become the ultimate dab session master with our Poke Master Box set which includes a Pokeball silicone wax container, Pokeball herb grinder, Pokemon dab tool (gotta catch 'em all), and Poke ball themed 6 “ bong with banger and bowl piece.

  • DAB RIG READY – Includes Wax/Oil Case and Dab Tool
  • BANGER & BOWL – Switch Between Herb and Oil
  • POKE MASTER – Themed Set for Poke Fans
  • POKE PERC – Smooth Hits
  • NO SPLASH – Built-in Splash Guard

We include a silicone wax and oil case. Wax and oil don’t stick to the silicone so you can ensure you’re not losing your wax/oil or causing a mess. The dab tool will help with putting your oil or wax in your banger.

There is a 14mm quartz banger for a good dab session, plus a 14mm bowl piece for straight herb and a classic smoke sesh.

This set makes a great gift for any Pokemon fans in your life (including yourself!).

The Bong’s downstem features a red, white, and black colored glass ball perc to diffuse your smoke or vapor through the water. The ball perc looks just like a Pokeball.

A built-in red splash guard mouth opening will protect your lips from dirty water or unwanted particulate.

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