Iridescent goddess blunt tube

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Keep it tubular with an airtight, child-resistant, odor-trapping, freestanding BB tube.  This is THE essential, don’t leave home without it, BB Bling Blunt in the iridescent Goddess Iris Collection.  It's named after the Goddess Iris, who used a rainbow staircase to deliver messages to mortals.  If you only want to try one, for now, this is the single BB. When you're ready for more, check out the Double Down Deal to buy two and save!  

Colors: The color-shifting iridescence is like the rainbow, with lots of colors across the spectrum look different as reflections and light change.

  • Sapphire Blue: Color shifts from sapphire blue to reflect its surroundings
  • Opal Sky: A shimmery blue sky sparked with opal light
  • Cotton Candy Pink: Candy pink with orange highlights. (not flavored, please don't lick the tube.)
  • Emerald City: Green that glows with hints of red-orange 
  • Amethyst Purple: Pink with hints of purple swirl as sunlight hits it
  • Fluorite Fusion: Green sways to purple and back just like the gem fluorite has for all of the time.

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