7" Multi-colored Giraffe Bubbler

Regular price $ 82.99

ok, so everybody knows that Giraffes are "like the perfect animal"... so elegant and beautiful and gentle - and with those crazylong necks and legs... wow! Ya gotta love them. (omg, we totally do.)

Well, this insanely cute little 7" glass giraffe bubbler isn't quite as tall as the real thing, but for the giraffe lover in your family or social circles, it will blow their minds almost as much as if they saw a real giraffe in their living room.

And this isn't just a normal everyday African giraffe we're talking about with the yellow and brown spots... nope... it's actually a STRIPED SMOKING GIRAFFE and wants to live large in your bubbler collection!

Weighs just 7.4 oz and comes standard with a black flower bowl and carries a little water in his belly to smoothe those hits.