4 arm recycler rig

Regular price $ 82.99


This 9.5-inch 4 Arm Recycler Rig gives you the best way to enjoy your concentrates! Offering great filtration through the recycler system, this dab rig is sure to take your dabbing game to the next level.

The recycler dab rig style is specially designed to bring your smoke through the water chamber several times before it reaches your mouth. After passing through the bowl or dab nail, the smoke passes into the water chamber. From there, it feeds into four different tubes, moving through the water chamber multiple times.

This 9.5-inch piece is large enough for taking great dabs at home and small enough to bring along on the road. Thanks to the thick glass, it won’t break on light drops. Priced below $100, this dab rig holds great value for routine and recreational smokers alike.

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