3.5" Kraken's Tale Glass Hand Pipe


These dope little 3.5" long glass hand pipes are the super coolest things to hit the Smokerolla Shop since we unleashed our fresh squid pipe collections years ago! 

Rumor has it that they are made from actual real Kraken's tails! (like in the epic movie where they were photographed along with Johnny Depp.)

(More probable is the notion that Krakens are actually 500 ft sea monsters swimming around in the oceans netherworlds and these little pipes are made from prehistoric slices of their tails...)

They come in assorted colors ranging from a beautiful goldish tone to a silvery brownish color, and have lots of mini "tentacles" on them to better grip them with.  

The carb is on the backside of the curve of the tail and you inhale from the other side.

They make the perfect gift for the Kraken or Octopus lover in your social circles. 

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