Pipe Pods for Maze & Slider Pipes, 5 Pc

Regular price $ 13.99

Finally, stainless steel BOWL-POD for MAZE and SLIDER weed pipe with the LID - no flower falling out. This is the only bowl on the market that does not require grinding the flower. The kiln effect inside the POD burns unground flowers well. These high-end bowl-pods are designed for your enhanced pleasure; it's very convenient for travel. Just pre-pack as many as you need for your trip. Pop them in and out of your pipe. High-end surgical grade stainless steel provides the safest inhalations, no oxidation, no metal taste. These Pods are very easy to clean - soak them overnight in isopropyl alcohol and rinse underwater.
  • No oxidation
  • No metal taste
  • The lid snaps onto the bowl.
  • Excellent draw
  • Very easy to wash
  • Use with unground flower

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