Vape pens are small, handheld units that enable "on-the-go" consumption of dry herbs and waxy concentrates. Their popularity has exploded as a way to consume discreetly while out and about. Portable Vapes has many different looks, functions, battery capacities, and uses. Most modern-day vaporizers come with high-capacity batteries, advanced heating systems, and temperature control capabilities. Their ease of use and feature-rich nature make them one of the most popular types of handheld vapes.

Tabletop units tend to be much larger but can have more precise heating, larger capacity, and longer battery life. The old school workhorse of tabletop units, The Volcano, shows that there are still vapes that come in analog vs. digital versions and can plug into the wall. Newer tabletop versions are starting to go toward larger batteries instead of a wall plug. This makes them more of a hybrid vape because they are portable. They are not nearly as small as a pen vape but are not bound by an electrical cord. 

It is important to pick a vaporizer that is designed for your material of choice. Some vapes offer dual-use with dry herbs and concentrate, while others specialize in either waxy concentrates, oils, or dry herb only.

There is a trend with the newer portable battery-powered vaporizers to use them with wax, oils, and dry herbs. One vaporizer can handle all of your vaping needs—no need to have multiple kinds of chambers, atomizers, etc.

The heating mechanism of vaporizers will vary from unit to unit. Some offer conduction(typically dry herb vaporizers), others convention, and some even offer a hybrid style of both in the same vaporizer. Portable vapes with conduction systems heat materials faster. They also tend to be more affordable. Convection vaporizers send hot air flowing through the chamber to heat the bowl evenly and thoroughly.

Hybrid conduction/convection units utilize both styles to offer the best of both worlds. The units heat up fast but offer a great tasting smooth, smooth vape experience.

With so many options on today's market, we have curated our top picks of vaporizers that will deliver solid performance with long-lasting capabilities. So feel confident when you buy vaporizers from Mile High Glass Pipes.

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