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1 product

Keeping your stash fresh is as important as picking the right pipe. Storage jars and bags are an economical way to retain the freshness of your flowers. Why spend your hard-earned money on some fire flowers if you aren't going to store it properly?

There are many factors to contemplate when wanting to store your herbs. The size of the container, the length of storage, time of storage, does it need to be portable? Depending on your climate humidity, and heat can be an issue as well. In Colorado because of the dry air your flowers can turn to dust in a matter of days.

That's why you want to pick the correct container for your environment. Jars are Great for home, or office use. They seal in the odor, humidity, and freshness of the flowers. When traveling a sack, or bag is good because they are easier to put in a pocket, purse, ,etc.. The downside of a sack is that they won't protect your herbs from being crushed in your pocket, but to be fair you are just going to crush them to smoke them right?

So protect that investment, and make sure it is prime for your lungs by choosing the right storage option from our selection of jars, and sacks.