One Hitter Replacement for Waxmaid Silicone

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1. This One Hitter is the Replacement of Waxmaid 2.3” Quick Hit Silicone Dugout.
2. With unique discreet design, solid metal material, easy to use, and portable to the bone.
3. This Waxmaid One Hitter can help you to reduce the herbs waste in a large degree.
4. The smoke tube is made of titanium tip, no metal smell and taste under high temperature, while the ceramic mouth piece of Waxmaid dugout does not get hot.
5. This One Hitter can be your solo and double play as it can be separated from Quick Hit Silicone Dugout, be your traveling or party partner, etc.

How to clean Waxmaid Silicone Dugout One Hitter?

Use the dense bristles to clean every inch of stains, keep your tube clean as new.

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