Magnum synthetic urine

Magnum Synthetic Urine

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Consuming marijuana can be all fun and games until it’s time for a weed test at your workplace. 

Well, you can stop smoking days before the test or use a detox method, but what if you don’t have the luxury of time? The best way to fix use fake urine for fetish play is to use Magnum synthetic urine. 

What is Magnum Synthetic Urine?

Magnum Synthetic Urine is a brand of premixed fake urine that has helped many use it daily.

This synthetic urine has been around for years and has successful records. It has become a best friend to those who want to get down and dirty.

Apart from using it for detoxing, it could also be used for a handful of things like pranks and gardening acid.

Updated Detox Version

An earlier version of the Magnum urine had many negative reviews which forced the company to upgrade its product.

The new version of the company's synthetic urine contains uric acid, urea, ammonia, and creatine. The uric acid was added they started checking for its presence and many users tested positive even after using the formula. 

However, the uric acid comes separately from the actual synthetic urine, meaning you'll have to combine them before using it. 

Why is this Magnum Detox Urine Different?

Synthetic urine is ideal for many people. It is easy to prepare and use. It takes less than two minutes to prepare, unlike detox pills and drinks that take time to produce results. 

Can it Be Reheated? 

Yes, the Magnum urine detox can be reheated but not without consequences as heating it frequently can reduce the potency of the urine. It can also fail to perform if it's heated above the average human temperature. The chemical structure can change when the formula is stored while it's still very hot and this can lead to lab failure. 

Magnum Synthetic Urine

Magnum Detox is one of the most known synthetic urine products out there today. It’s a go-to option because you can buy it from the store. It’s also immediately available, which makes it a convenient choice. The product itself has a shelf life of two years. But once you use uric acid, then you’ll have seven days to use it before it goes bad.

Its manufacturers say that Magnum Detox Synthetic urine is a carbon copy of a baseline urine sample. Various ingredients come together to make this fake urine sample look as real as it gets for the lab tests. When you get the kit, you’ll notice that it’s pretty simple to use and has everything you need to turn that fake pee into the real thing.

  • A heating pad
  • A rubber band

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