Top Concentrate Makers to Look For in 2019

look out for these concentrate makers in 2019

Cannabis concentrates are one of the most popular ways to consume marijuana these days. As the market continues to grow, more growers and companies are joining the industry. The companies that really care about their products and customers are doing everything they can to bring the highest-quality concentrates to the market. Some have invented their own techniques and processes for extraction, while others have searched for rare, premium flowers to create their signature products. At the end of the day, this benefits the marijuana industry and the consumer.

With so many different companies and growers on the market, it can be hard to tell what’s worth dropping your hard-earned cash on. To help with that, I curated a list of some of the most popular concentrate brands out there so you know what companies to seek out in 2019. I’ll have another article coming soon about all the different types of concentrates currently available on the market, but for now, let’s discuss the top concentrates to look out for in 2019.

Raw Garden
If you’re looking for some high quality sauce to dab, don’t pass up the high-quality concentrates from Raw Garden. Raw Garden offers some of the most delicious concentrates available on California’s recreational market. And, to sweeten the deal, you can be sure that your concentrates are coming from a single source when buying products produced by Raw Garden. Their available concentrates include cartridges, live resin, and sugars for dabbing.

Available in: California

O.G. Cannabis
O.G. Cannabis, more formally known as Oregon Genetics Cannabis, is based in Oregon. Oregon Genetics strives for quality first and foremost. All of their products are grown in the most natural and sustainable way. Everything is organic, as they don’t use pesticides. They create their concentrates through a process they invented called “Ultra Refinement” that differs from the distilling method the majority of companies go with. This allows them to produce some of the most beautiful and pure concentrates available in Oregon and Washington. They offer a wide variety of concentrate products, including live resin, THCA crystals, and vape cartridges.

Available in: Washington and Oregon

710 Labs
710 Labs consider themselves expert hashmakers, artists, and innovators in the weed industry--and honestly, they have every right to. They offer exceptional concentrates, such as their water hash, ice wax, rosin, and live resin, just to name a few. They’re obsessed with quality and produce their products from exotic strains found worldwide and cultivated in-house. 710 Labs has a massive following in the concentrate and dabbing community for good reason. If you find them available at a dispensary near you, give them a try.

Available in: Colorado and California

Humboldt Terp Council
Humboldt Terp Council offers an exclusive line of concentrates available in a select few dispensaries in California. They have gained a cult following through Instagram and a very devoted local fan base. And it’s no wonder why: they offer some of the dankest live resin available in the Bay Area.

Available at: Barbary Coast

Dabstract has been going strong and producing fantastic concentrates since 2000. They offer a wide variety of top-shelf concentrate products, including shatter, THCA, live resin, vape cartridges, and PAX pods--and that’s just scratching the surface. They’re locally sourced and craft their products with real love for cannabis and their customers. Dabstract also managed to get first place in two of DOPE Magazine’s 2018 DOPE Cup concentrate categories: Best THC Live Resin and Best THC Distillate.

Availabile in: Washington

Select Oil
Select Oil has been a big name in the cannabis industry for some time now.  They offer a number of topicals, vape cartridges, dabbables, and extracts. Their elite cartridges and dabbles are a great choice if you’re looking to get a long-lasting high with some good-tasting smoke.

Where you can find them: California, Oregon, Nevada, Michigan, and numerous other states. Click here to see a full list.

Viola Extracts
Viola Extracts is a line of cannabis and concentrate products founded by former NBA player Al Harrington. Harrington originally developed an interest in marijuana and the industry due to his long-lasting injuries from the NBA and because of his grandmother’s ailments. Since cannabis worked for them, Harrington now brings high-quality medicine to his customers. Viola Extracts offer top-shelf concentrates, most notably shatter, live resin, bubble hash, and vape cartridges.

Available in: California, Oregon, Michigan, and Colorado

Dirty Arm Farm
Dirty Arm Farm is one of the major players in Portland’s concentrate market. They offer some of the best sauce in Oregon and are constantly cooking up new products for their followers. Dirty Arm Farm focuses on providing superb extracts while creating a culture of taking care of the earth, which is really admirable and sets them apart from others in the cannabis industry. If you’re into dabbing and you’re in Portland or some of the other areas of Oregon they serve, I highly recommend checking out some of their products.

Available in: Oregon

Absolute Xtracts
In a society where public smoking isn’t allowed, vape cartridges offer a discreet way to smoke and not be nuisance. Absolute Xtracts offers the widest variety of strain-specific high-THC vape cartridges on the market. Their products are made from 100% pure cannabis oil and you can get them in 18 different specific strains. They use sun-grown flowers without any additives. On top of providing safe and clean concentrates, they have also forged some pretty interesting partnerships. Just take a look at their crossover product with Lagunitas Brewing Company: the SuperCritical Hop Blend vape cartridges. I can only imagine what they have planned for 2019.

Available in: California

While there are dozens of companies cashing in on the recreational marijuana boom, only a select few really stand out in terms of quality, especially in the concentrate market. The companies on this list have all made an effort to rise above their competition and produce some truly stellar products. Keep an eye on all of these companies in 2019, because it’s clear things are only going to get better from here.

Cael S.  San Francisco, CA
Cael is a writer and journalist based in San Francisco. He is an advocate for legal, safe recreational marijuana and strives to educate audiences about cannabis.